Business immigrant application for Canada

Your application as immigrant investor with an ICCRC immigration consultant

Once you are well-informed and your decision has been taken to come to Canada for business with the help of our team of experts in immigration and business a certified ICCRC consultant from Business Immigration Canada handles your business immigration file. Your file is important to us. There are several programs, means and alternative ways to come to Quebec and to Canada by business and immigration.

In the first stage you have called upon business experts to better inform you about business in Canada. Then, with the help of Canadian business people and professionals and with our immigration consultant a well-thought over business plan is developed to add to your application as an immigrant investor.

Our immigration expert demonstrates another integrity and is authorized by the Canadian Government to advise you on business immigration matters. It is the best person to prepare your application as an immigrant investor.

Favorable points for an immigration application as an investor

On your request, the immigration consultant will work from the start with our business experts, entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, Canadian real-estate developers, to find for you the opportunity and business partners in Canada that will serve as a foundation for developing your business plan in Canada.

The Governments of Canada and Quebec greatly encourage business people who submit an application as an immigrant investor which demonstrates evidence to support:

  • the creation of employment in Canada;
  • providing investment that contributes to the Canadian economy;
  • improving knowledge and technological innovation to help Canadian local businesses;
  • increased export of Canada.

Business Immigration Canada will help you from the beginning to be in contact with an immigration consultant and Canadian companies in order to develop good business relationships leading to developing a business plan that will help you to do good business in Canada and help the Canadian economy and contribute therefore to your application as an immigrant investor.

A team of experts for a business immigrant application

Your business immigrant application has every chance to succeed with the team of Business Immigration Canada comprising: a business immigration consultant and a group of professionals and business people in Canada in the field of construction, real-estate, engineering, architecture and technological innovation.

Do not hesitate to contact us!