Real-estate investment in Canada

Investing in real-estate with the help of a Canadian company

The Canadian real-estate sector remains one of the most lucrative sectors. Since 1960 the value of properties in Quebec, Canada, has continued to double approximately every 10 to12 years. However, even in a marketplace full of opportunities in real-estate investment, it is necessary to know several elements in order to make a beneficial and lucrative purchase. Business Immigration Canada, with experienced professionals and experts in construction, gives you impartial advice in real-estate investment in Canada through business in order to:

  • find an opportunity;
  • set up the project and do the feasibility study;
  • empower you to complete your project.

A team of consultants in real-estate investment in Canada

To search for a building to live in, a real-estate agent will do. However, business people who wish to buy a dwelling to renovate and resell it or land to build a housing project, they need a team of experts in Canadian real-estate investment to, first, develop project proposals and, then, to do the feasibility study. Most real-estate agents focus their efforts on finding land or property with certain characteristics such as location, size, income and expenses and they are more interested in the sales’ commission and in convincing buyers than in the feasibility of the project. These agents work with databases of land and buildings that are accessible to many investors who constantly scan them to find opportunities so that only the unattractive investment opportunities still remain available. It is for this reason that Business Immigration Canada helps people in business and real-estate investors as an expert consultant in investment and real-estate in Canada in order to well present to you the pros and cons before buying.

Important elements for making a real-estate investment in business in Canada

Several factors can influence the feasibility and profitability of a real-estate investment in business in Canada aiming at a renovation or construction and resale, such as:

  • the payment terms negotiated to purchase the land or building prior to construction;
  • the financing mode of the project;
  • the costs of construction and renovation;
  • obtaining licenses and permits;
  • obtaining of available contractors, qualified and at good prices;
  • the design of the project;
  • the request, the customs and habits of the customers;
  • the Building Code of Canada;
  • advertising and marketing.

Business Immigration Canada is the group of experts you need to make a real-estate investment in business in Canada.

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