The business start-up visa program in Canada

Support for the new business start-up visa program in Canada

The new Canadian Business Start-up Visa program is the first of its kind in the world by linking immigrant entrepreneurs and organizations with experience of the private sector with the skills needed to work with young companies. The new Business Start-up Visa program helps Canada attract the most competent and brightest entrepreneurs in the world to come and set up businesses, create jobs and promote economic growth. Business Immigration Canada and the Business Start-up Visa program are helping immigrant investors with experience outside Canada to carry on business in Canada and help Canadian companies. This is a golden opportunity to obtain a business visa for Canada.

A Canadian mentor for the business start-up visa program

Even the most experienced companies and business people sometimes need a helping hand. This is even more true when it comes to doing business in a country other than one’s own, such as Canada, in sectors such as construction, real-estate and engineering respecting several rules, knowledge of the building code, professional licenses and of entrepreneurs and practice of the professions, labor law and others. It is in this context that Business Immigration Canada provides leverage to help foreign business people update themselves to Canada and then offer themselves to help Canadian businesses with their experience of business and investment.

In stage 1 you have been well-informed about doing business in Canada and you have mounted your business plan in Canada with Canadian entrepreneurs and professionals. In stage 2, an immigration consultant took care of your business immigrant application. Now, in step 3, you are ready to start your investment in Canada in construction, real-estate development, engineering or other, buying a first plot of land, building or business, but this requires good knowledge, not only of business law but also of all the elements that will contribute to the success of your business start-up:

  • Knowing how to negotiate the purchase of land or buildings;
  • Financing techniques requiring a minimum amount of capital;
  • Developing real-estate projects with: sketches, plans, costs, comparables and marketing research and feasibility studies;
  • Being familiar with local consumer tastes;
  • Obtaining licenses for construction and professional practice;
  • Knowing how to select contractors;
  • Managing projects and clients;
  • Sales.

Business Immigration Canada is your ticket to success for the Business Start-up Visa program in Canada.

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