Business trip for immigrant investors and business people

Business Immigration Canada helps immigrant investors and business people to organize a business trip to Canada in order to get a better idea of the business community in Canada. A decision as important as immigrating for business in a new country full of opportunities, such as Canada, and to offer new perspectives on life to one’s entire family requires to be not only knowledgeable but also to establish some footholds and develop business contacts on which to base a business plan and life in Canada. This can only be done through a business trip accompanied by Canadian expert entrepreneurs.

Information about Canada offered on the Internet, in embassies and consulates, on business discussion forums, by financial advisors, lawyers and others, are useful to get a general opinion but not sufficient to trigger an immigration process. It is better to invest a few days of one’s time in a first business trip to:

  • Personally meet the Business Immigration Canada team with the immigration consultant in Canada being present in Montreal and a Canadian entrepreneur guide who will accompany you during your business trip to Canada;
  • Learn from Canadian professionals in business law, construction, real-estate, engineering, to familiarize yourself with the rules and business practices of the province of your choice in Canada;
  • Meet with Canadian entrepreneurs who will serve you as mentors, advisors, and consultants, to guide you in the creation and start-up of your company in the industry that interests you;
  • Meet the financial institutions that will finance your business projects;
  • Take training sessions for introduction to and initiation in Business Law, Construction Law, Real-Estate Law, the creation of a business, obtaining licenses and permits to exercise the profession by people with experience in Canada;
  • Participate in visits to construction and business sites to see how Canadian companies operate in practice;
  • Visit potential places to set up your business;
  • Learn about the competition in business and marketing strategies to adopt;
  • Meet with business partners and potential clients;
  • Visit neighborhoods, potential houses or condos to live with your family by informing yourself about prices, living environments, schools and other matters;
  • Take the opportunity during a business trip to Canada to visit and take the pulse of the lifestyle, customs and business.

Business Immigration Canada, led by Mr. Daniel Dargis, a Canadian engineer and general contractor, is the expert of choice for not only organizing a business trip to Canada, but to build your business, find land or buildings, organize and get accelerated and tailored information on Business Law, obtain licenses and permits, develop your project and do a feasibility study of your real-estate and construction projects and even find clients.

For a business trip to Canada for immigrant investors with Business Immigration Canada, you are in good hands!

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