Consulting services in construction and engineering

Advice on construction and engineering for investor business people

As an immigrant investor in Canada you will probably have to buy land or buildings to realize construction or renovation projects. Finding an impartial and trustworthy advisor who acts as a consultant, apart from a real-estate agent, is certainly very useful. It would be even better if that person is part of the confidence team that is helping you to immigrate to Canada and if he is at the same time an expert in construction and real-estate projects in Canada to firstly advise you impartially and then offer you all the resources to realize your real-estate project at your request. This person is definitely a godsend. This is the added value offered to you by Business Immigration Canada in addition to construction and engineering services.

Construction advice services to obtain the right information:

Before embarking on a procurement process it is advisable to be well-informed and this in an impartial manner by a team of confidence. This is what Business Immigration Canada does with a high degree of ethics and experience in order to have the confidence of investors. The right information is transmitted to you by construction consulting services from a whole team of Canadian experts: lawyers, engineers and building contractors.

Consulting services in construction for obtaining the means to realize a project:

Construction consulting services offered by Business Immigration Canada include:

  • The search for land and buildings for personal or commercial purposes;
  • The development of a project before purchase including: sketches, drawings, plans, construction costs, market comparables, marketing and feasibility study. The complete file necessary:
    • to obtain permits;
    • for the funding request;
    • for pre-sale of the project prior to construction.
  • The creation of a construction company and training;
  • Obtaining projects and construction contracts;
  • The customer service to assist customers needing to customize their units during construction.

We provide information and resources in construction consulting services to assist the immigrant investor to be clearly informed impartially and then have the means to carry out the project himself, or with our help, at the beginning, up to his autonomy in business.

Business Immigration Canada is for an immigrant investor an important resource of solutions, in immigration as well as in business, through its construction consulting services.

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